How to start a profitable Poultry Farming in Nigeria

How to Start a Profitable Poultry Farm in Nigeria

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you are interested in a profitable business you can start and make money, then considering starting your own poultry farming business will be highly rewarding due to the high demand for poultry products including eggs and meats.

Poultry farming is part of the Agric sector that has been a consistent contributor to Nigeria’s economy and according a recent data, the Agric sector adds up to 23% to the country’s GDP annually

Starting your own poultry farming will not just help in satisfying the country’ increasing nutrition and development needs, it can also be a major source of cash flow for you generating six figures on a monthly basis

Before we procced further

Start Profitable Poultry Farming with a solid Poultry Business Plan

What is poultry farming?

Poultry farming is the raising of birds such as ducks, chickens and turkeys for both domestic consumption and commercial purpose, poultry products are high in nutritional value and also of huge economic importance. Eggs and meat gotten from it can be used for household consumption, sold in shops and supermarkets, use in restaurants and often packaged for export

There is a huge demand for poultry products

Is Poultry farming still profitable?

Yes it is still a highly lucrative business venture and if done well, will not just generate tons of consistent cash for you but assist in meeting the local demand for quality poultry products, it is a goldmine and you can get turnover from between four to seven months and also make close to N500,000 or more depending on the market fluctuations

How much you need to start?

You can start on either a small or large scale depending on your income level, but the best advise is to start on a small scale and grow from there this is to limit losses if the business eventually fails

You need at least N100,000 to start a small scale poultry farming, this amount can be higher depending on economic conditions and if you want to go on a large scale, you will likely need to have up to 1 million naira or more

How to start a successful poultry farming business?

  • Get a Business Plan

To improve your chances of achieving success in this business, you need a solid business plan to guide you on exactly what to do, a professionally written poultry business plan will help you to avoid needless mistakes, help with market research, approvals and most importantly, assist you to secure funding from investors

  • Adequate Funding

Just like every commercial venture, you need money to start poultry business, N100,000 should be enough to start on a small scale and the money will be needed to acquire birds, feeds and medications.

  • Secure a Suitable Space

Starting in just any location you find yourself can lead to a loss and other issues, you need to get a location that’s ideal and highly recommended for poultry farming and which will also be easily accessible to your buyers in near future

  • Build or Acquire a Poultry Shelter

After getting a suitable location, the next thing is to build a good shelter or cage where you will be keeping your poultry, it should have enough space for air to enter and prevent heat, there should be a running water and must always be kept clean

  • Get your Birds

Don’t just buy from any supplier you see, do your research online and also ask from other people in the business, this will help you to avoid buying birds that are sick and buy at good prices

Buy Feeds and Medications

While it is a lucrative business, it can also result to avoidable losses due to deaths, they need regular medicines to prevent sickness and constant feeding to grow faster and healthy.

How To Market and Generate Sales?

Do the following to get sales for your products:

  • Reach out to retailers, restaurants, supermarkets and eateries
  • Sell to households
  • Use social media and other online platforms to reach many potential buyers and sell to them daily

In Conclusion

No doubt, poultry farming is a lucrative business you can start and make so much money monthly, but you need to carry out a due research and have a solid plan in place as these will help you to achieve success in the business, read this article again to understand much better and if you have a question, drop it in the comment section below

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