BERTELSMANN UDACITY Next Generation Tech Booster Scholarship

Bertelsmann and Udacity collaboration have given birth to the Next Generation Tech Booster Scholarship, the program will award learners with scholarships and also equip them with valuable skills to open new career opportunities in the lucrative fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or project management.

About the Next Generation Tech Booster

If you fall between the age of 18 and above, understand English, and desire to develop job-ready skills in project management, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, this scholarship program is for you.

The Next Generation Tech Booster Scholarship wants to empower people around the world to be successful in the tech and data sectors, especially those individuals who historically may not have access to such skill-building opportunities

How does it work?

  1. Step One: Select a Track, Learners who apply to the program will select 1 of 3 tracks: Agile Software Development, AI Programming with Python, and Enterprise Security.
  2. Step Two: Challenge Course, 17,000 applicants accepted into the program will enroll in a challenge course for their selected track, where they will learn the foundational elements of their chosen topic.
  3. Step Three: Scholarship Recipients Announced, The 500 top-performing students from their respective challenge courses receive a Nanodegree program scholarship.

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Deadline for all applications is November 30 2023

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