Women For Zero Hunger Program (€30,000 Grants)

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The Women in Africa (WIA) organization invites applications for the Women for Zero Hunger Program, aiming to assist associations in combatting hunger and food insecurity across Africa.

Launched in 2016, WIA Philanthropy is the first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of African women entrepreneurs. At WIA Philanthropy, they are convinced that Pan-African women contribute greatly, through their actions, to the change and impact they bring to the continent’s progress.

Women For Zero Hunger Will Enable 3 Non-profit Organizations:

  • to be visible:
     to inspire, to be recognized and to have more impact;
  • to be mentored: to benefit from expert advice and personalized support;
  • to be funded: each of the 3 associative structures will receive €10,000. At the end of the mentoring program, one of the three finalist structures will be chosen by the jury members on the basis of pre-established criteria. In addition, the representative will be invited to the annual Stop Hunger event in Paris to receive a trophy and benefit from a crowdfunding operation during the event

Eligibility criteria:

  • The program is accessible to nonprofit organizations with at least 3 years of experience
  • The association must be African or active in an African country
  • The association must work in at least one African Anglophone and/or Francophone country

Selection criteria:

  • Number of beneficiaries supported by the association
  • Quality of the “solution”
  • Scalability of the “solution”
  • Beneficiaries: the solution must primarily benefit women or girls

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Benefits of the Program

  • Each of the 3 non-profit organizations will receive €10,000. 
  • The 3 selected associations will take part in a 6-month-personalised-mentoring program run by Stop Hunger and WIA Philanthropy.

How To Apply

Deadline for application: February

Visit Women For Zero Hunger Program webpage to learn more and apply online

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