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4 Top Tips to Improve Your Business Cloud Security

Cloud computing has taken over the world.

Over the past decade, it has successfully transformed how businesses operate. Now, scaling is much easier. Employees can access all the files they need from any location (e.g., while working from home), and software updates can be done automatically. There’s a lot to love and very little to hate about cloud computing, which is why it’s become a global force so quickly.

However, because cloud computing is still a relatively new concept, there are still some small concerns about the security side of it. If you share these concerns and are worried about your own business’s cloud security, then you’ll be eager to take action, and this guide is here to help you perfect your business cloud security.

You’ve come to the right place as a business owner looking for the latest and most effective cloud security tips. This guide has four top tips for you to read and learn from. Make no doubt about it, this is the year where you take your cybersecurity to the next level and provide your employees and customers with the protection they deserve.

1.     Use an API Gateway

You know what APIs are, but is your business using an API gateway? If the answer is no, it’s time to change!

An API gateway sits directly between the application and microservices. All requests that are sent by the user are then quickly analyzed by the API gateway to determine which services they need. As a result, a smoother and more efficient experience can be provided to the user. There are lots of api gateway examples that give you a clearer idea of how this works.

As a result of using an API gateway, you can experience improved cloud security through elements such as the API gateway enforcing authentication and setting rate limits for how many times a user can use your website (or other application) in a specific period.

API gateways are constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s microservices. Moving into the future, they’ll continue to be a huge part of business cloud security, so it’s recommended you start using an API gateway now and give your business a competitive edge.

2.     Turn On Multi-Factor Authentication Across All Company Accounts

Multi-factor authentication is one of the simplest (yet most effective) ways to boost your business’s cloud security. By now, you’ve probably experienced multi-factor authentication when logging into social media platforms and other similar sites. Essentially, it’s when you can’t log in with just a password—you need to verify you’re the account owner in at least one other way.

Here are some popular examples:

  • Face ID
  • SMS code verification
  • Entering a 4-digit pin

Turning on multi-factor authentication across all company accounts makes life difficult for hackers and cybercriminals. 

3.     Encrypt Cloud Storage

When you encrypt cloud storage, it ensures end-to-end protection. The way this works is that plaintext data is turned into indecipherable text. Even if hackers manage to get their hands on the data, it’ll be worthless to them due to the fact that it’s unreadable. Smart, right?

4.     Provide Employees with Anti-Phishing Training

All your existing (and future) employees should receive anti-phishing training. Phishing is a scary problem in cybersecurity, but simple training can help employees spot phishing attempts and avoid falling into dangerous traps.

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