C24 Capital Loan

C24 Capital Loan: Everything You Need To Know And How To Apply

C24 Capital is one of the financial institutions approved by CBN to operate in Nigeria and their product, the C24 Capital Loan enables individuals and small businesses to borrow at a reduced interest rates.

In this comprehensive blog post, you will learn everything you need to know and decide if the C24 Capital Loan is the best for you.

About C24 Capital

C24 Capital is a financial institution that provides quick, flexible loans to individuals and businesses who are in need of financial solutions at great rates

The types of loans they provide include, Business, personal and Quick Cash (For Civil servants)

C24 Capital Loan Interest Rates

There’s an interest rate of 4% per month with a one-time 4% management fee and the good thing is that the management fee is already part of your repayment plan.

Whats the Loan Requirements?

To be eligible for C24 Capital Loan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must work and resides in Lagos State. (if you are applying for a Personal Loan)
  • Be employed (for at least 6 months)
  • Be aged 22 years or over
  • Be employed and get paid into your bank account
  • Have a functional salary bank account
  • Have a good credit history

Personal Loan required documents:

  • Passport Photograph
  • Any Means of National ID
  • Employment/Promotion/Confirmation Letter
  • 6 months’ salary account bank statement
  • Company Identification
  • Direct Debit Mandate
  • Postdated Cheques

Business Loan required documents:

  • Recent passport photograph.
  • A formal loan application on letterhead.
  • CAC Document
  • Your cheque leaves (repayments and signature verification) for loan above #200,000.
  • Signed direct debit mandate form.
  • Recent residential/shop utility bill.
  • Valid Means of national identification.
  • Rent receipt and rent/lease agreement.
  • Signed letter of authority to print bank statement.
  • Signed letter of undertaking for dishonor of postponed cheque.

How To Apply for C24 Capital Loan

Here’s a step by step guide to apply for the loan:

Step One

  • Fill the application form online: Click on Apply Now on their website and kick start your loan process

Step Two

Submit documents: You must submit the required documents as part of the loan application process.

Step Three

Form submission and Analysis: After you apply, C24 Capital will go through all you have filled and give you a feed back.

Step Four

An agents will call you: You get a confirmation that they’re working on your loan application.

Step Five

Decision making in 24 hours: They confirm your documents including BVN in the quickest possible way.

Step Six

Loan is disbursed to your bank:Once your application is approved, your bank will be credited instantly.

Alternatives to C24 Capital

Kiakia Loan App

They provides flexible and affordable loans to individuals and SMEs including a peer-to-peer marketplace that connect other lenders with borrowers

Lidya Loan

Lidya is a digital financing platform that provides small businesses with Access to legit financial solutions


based on customer reviews and our research, C24 Capital Loan is not just legit but it’s affordable due to their low interest rate, fast and flexible

Whether you need a loan for personal purposes or business financing they got you covered.

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