Capturing the Lead: 4 Tried and Tested Email Marketing Strategies

In a world where people open their phone hundreds of times a day only to be bombarded with information and advertisements, it can be nearly impossible to stick out among the flood of information that clients must sift through to find real value in a product. The best of the best at marketing can create content that stands out and sells and with these 4 email marketing strategies you will be on your way to becoming that lighthouse among the waves of spam mail and bots in every inbox.

1)   Understanding SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how prevalent information is when typed into a search engine and the flow of clients your website or company receives from direct or indirect sources. Through effective and captivating email writing, increasing search results for your company and service can be detrimental to success as the companies who are seen on the internet and popular among search bars stand out among the rest.

2)   Recognizing the target audience

Unless you plan on selling toilet paper or water, finding a target audience to push your products to is an important consideration when trying to decide who to push your marketing effort towards. You can choose to push your marketing towards niche market sectors or target broad and large sectors to find the best fit for your product or service and then adjust your marketing to fit your most profitable and responsive market. Marketing firms like Bizop Media are able to tailor your message to captivate your desired market and get them interested in what you have to offer.

3)   Making it personal

Nobody wants to read an email that they know will be going to 100,000 other people and was drafted by an email generating service that pumps out fresh emails every second. To capture attention, you must make sure that you target a message that they can resonate with and feel like was just sent t them to solve a personal need in their life. Including the client’s name and information they have provided to you makes it feel like their voice is being heard and you are directly trying to help them.

4)  Providing value

The most important thing customers look for when deciding what brand to buy or what email to open is what they think that they’ll get out of it. If you are not providing the customer with value and the sense that they are gaining something from the email or offer they receive, then you will be just another brand in the flood of emails waiting to be deleted. Providing value to a customer through personal marketing and attractive offers will take your company to new places with customers and targeted audiences.


To remain visible in today’s overcrowded and competitive markets your business must stick out as a diamond in the rough to a customer and be that company that will make a difference in their life and successful emailing will get you there.

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