Kratom industry is all set to cross the $22 billion mark in future

Mitragynina speciosa or Kratom leaves with powder product in white ceramic bowl and wooden table background, top view

Kratom is a controversial herb that grows in Southeast Asia and very often secures an infamous place in the news. People who use kratom claim it has several medical benefits for the body. However, medical research shies away from paddling kratom as a drug to be used for recreational purposes. Kratom has a long history of being a major part of the diet plan of millions across the globe.

How is kratom consumed?

Traditionally, people would boil kratom leaves and chew them, but now there are multiple ways to consume this plant. Millennials like to incorporate it into their diet plans because kratom causes weight loss, which is a proven side effect of this herb. People consume kratom in the form of capsules, food items, tea, kava, smoothie, chocolate chip kratom cookies and smoke it like weed.

Where is kratom cultivated?

Though kratom is found in all Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia and Thailand are the biggest exporters of kratom. When America developed an opioid crisis, Indonesia claimed an opportunity and jumped in to cultivate this plant. Indonesian water is said to be the most suitable one for the cultivation of this plant. Stats say that Indonesia exports 400 tons of kratom to Europe every month and the figure continues to rise.

What is the current net worth of the kratom plant?

The current net worth of the kratom plant is $367 million, but it is expected that the kratom industry will cross the $22 billion mark by 2025. On average, between 3 million to 5 million Americans consume kratom every day that proves its wide popularity. Globally, over 100 million people consume kratom that registers its global acceptance despite controversial legal status. The business of kratom is thriving so much that a lot of investors are looking at it as a suitable business option in future.

Online vendors like the golden monk, kratom crazy and other sell the plant through their website for there is always a fear of the government coming forward and banning the herb.

Is kratom legal?

Kratom’s legal status remains disputed, and it is legal in just a few countries of the globe. Though, it is legal in the United States; there is a limit on its sale and purchase. Users are not allowed to consume kratom more than the limit defined by the state. Kratom is illegal in the United Kingdom, Korea, Russia, Poland, Finland, Canada etc. Though it has no medical evidence in its support, yet the consumption rate continues to rise every day.

What is the future of this herb?

No one can deny the fact; kratom continues to make its way in the news for the right and wrong reasons. The global popularity of the plant has increased so much so that people have started to infuse it in food and beverages for consumption. However, unless something substantial doesn’t stem out of medical research, a lot of countries will continue to assume ban on this herb.

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