EU ECOWAS Scholarship on Sustainable Energy

EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Programme on Sustainable Energy 2023 (Fully Funded)

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Applications to the Universities in Nigeria, Senegal and Cape Verde is now OPEN, For information on the opening dates for applications to their preferred institutions, interested candidates are urged to follow the British Council, European Union, and ECOWAS.

Candidates interested in submitting their applications to the institutions in Senegal and Cape Verde are encouraged to join a FAQ session online for more information about the scholarship in their preferred institution. Sessions will hold as follows:

Universidade de Cabo Verde: 27 January 2023.

Universite Cheikh Anta Diop: 3 February 2023.

Overview of the Program

For the benefit of qualified students from ECOWAS member states active in the energy sector, the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship program offers scholarships for master’s degrees in the sustainable energy sector at specialized universities in West Africa (Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo).

The program aims to increase access to high-quality training in the sustainable energy sector in West Africa by enabling university graduates, with a focus on young professionals (speaking English, French, and Portuguese) in the member states of ECOWAS, to develop the profile necessary to meet the rising demand for experts at the highest level in the field of sustainable energy and to support good governance of the sector in the area.

Criteria for Selection

  • Be nationals of a member state of ECOWAS or Mauritania and being resident in ECOWAS’ region or Mauritania  
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree with First Class or Second Class (Upper Division)  
  • Have undertaken studies at least at bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, energy and environment (including renewable energy and energy efficiency), law, economics, finance and planning as deemed by the entry requirements of the chosen university
  • Work experience in the energy sector in West Africa will be an added advantage  
  • Hold (at least) provisional admission into an approved course of study at the time of scholarship approval 
  • Scholarship is open to working and non-working candidates. Working candidates are required to provide letter of release from their employer to complete the course for the duration of the programme 
  • Commitment to publish at least 1 practice-oriented research before the end of the programme 
  • Commitment to start internships within the course of study.  

Categories for Scholarships

Mobile Scholarships

Scholars are chosen to finish their master’s degree programs at universities that are not in their home country. The award will cover the costs of education, living expenses, travel, a research grant, insurance, and visas.

Stationary Scholarships

Scholars are chosen to finish their master’s degrees in institutions of higher learning situated in their home nations. The award will cover the scholars’ research funding and tuition. There will also be a small stipend to help with travel and living expenses.

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Application Process

Deadline for registration is 10th February 2023

For more information visit the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship webpage

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