How Entrepreneurship Differs Across Cultures

How Entrepreneurship Differs Across Cultures

The world is shifting from the “working for the man” mentality to that of entrepreneurship. But this idea means something different to every culture.

In America, it’s the goal of upward movement to increase your finances to boost your possessions and, therefore, your class. Time freedom, flexibility, and following your dream are parts of American entrepreneurship.

But, according to Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, this idea varies depending on the values and behaviors of a culture.

What does this idea look like in other countries? Let’s take a look and find out which ones are distinctly American-esque, and which places are decidedly different.


When you think of China, you probably picture a vast technological metropolis. This is partially true since the country was, until recently, a powerful source of a multitude of exports.

However, the culture is changing, and the Chinese government is encouraging diversity through entrepreneurship, where it once fostered uniformity. China has offered billions of dollars in funding to ventures that provide innovative ideas to keep up with the technology race.


German culture is stereotyped as hard-working, with a workaholic type of work ethic. It’s difficult to start a new business; instead, citizens work hard for companies that already exist, predominantly the government and mega-corporations.

So, entrepreneurship is not as well accepted in Germany as in other places. Most new businesses are attributed to immigrants who bring their ideas and cultures into the country to break some of the traditions.


Brazil, a country that once was known for its distinct classism and inequality, has revamped its reputation. Now, visitors and residents will see a better quality of living through new opportunities as the government and foreign venture capitalists invest in the market.

The main focus is on small and medium-sized businesses rather than major corporations. This trend means there are a lot of unique entrepreneur shops in the country, so it’s not uncommon to see startups.

New Zealand

The nation of New Zealand embraces innovation and imagination. It is rated as one of the top countries in the world for entrepreneurship. The only problem is that, as an island, it’s hard to attract the top minds, and when foreigners do show up, there’s some prejudice against them from the natives.

As long as you fit into the cultural norms, your business has a chance of being successful. But, in New Zealand, if you try to challenge the status quo, you may find yourself struggling professionally. However, anyone who is willing to face the challenge can do so rather easily. The country has an entrepreneurial visa program designed for aspiring innovators with ideas that have potentially high returns.


While America is still the home of the dreamers, entrepreneurship is not a solely American tradition. Anywhere there’s a place where people want to do better for themselves and their families, there’s an opening for a startup. The country’s culture and values play a strong role in how easy this development is for the burgeoning entrepreneur, but America is not the only place where you can make your dream come true.

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