WhatsApp cloud api for business and what you can do with it

Whatsapp Cloud API for Business and What you can do with it

Whatsapp is an important instant messaging tool and it has now become the most popular messenger app in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users

Whatsapp is available for personal communication and another version for business and that’s whatsapp business, but there are limited in scope because they only allow one on one communication, though it might still be good enough for small businesses

But if you own a large business (Enterprise)

Then you need the WhatsApp business api setup in order to enable you communicate with different customers per time

WhatsApp api is a tool that helps large organizations create and setup system for communication with multi users at once

You need to host the WhatsApp api on your server

But there’s another version and that’s the whatsapp api cloud,it runs the same way as the normal whatsapp business api but with more features and it hosted in the cloud

What is WhatsApp Cloud Api? and how it Works?

Whatsapp cloud api is the cloud based version of whatsapp business api which now enables businesses of any size build on Whatsapp in order communicate and respond to their customers faster and in a way that’s secured and the good thing about the cloud api is that it’s fully hosted by Facebook (Meta), this allow you to reduce your business expenses.

To get started with the WhatsApp business cloud api, check this article by Facebook

5 Reasons You Need WhatsApp Cloud Api

  1. It eliminates expensive server cost since it is now hosted on the cloud and managed by Meta (Facebook)
  2. Unlike the normal WhatsApp business app where only one person can handle the conversion and responds to customers, WhatsApp cloud api on the hand, allows you to build on top WhatsApp on your backend and up to 5 personnel can respond to customers using only one phone number

3. You are able to customize your experience and respond to your customers faster and securely

4. The WhatsApp api is ,meant for large enterprises, but one of the benefits of the WhatsApp cloud api is that businesses of all sizes can utilize it to enhance their customer experience. That means even if you are small or medium business owner, you can still use the WhatsApp cloud api

5. Another r good reason to adopt the cloud api is that you are able to use it and handle messaging for your clients, if you are an agency or solution provider

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