How to Remove Sewer Smell?

Are you in trouble? Do you smell a strong, sewer-like odor emanating from the bathroom? Wherever that stink is coming from, be assured that it can be fixed. Simple Soultions LLC is just one example of the companies you can call to help you eliminate that terrible and poisonous odor in your home.

Chances are, the sickening smell is gas escaping from the drainage system and includes methane and bacteria. This is dangerous to your health and can cause grave sickness. High doses of methane gas are explosive and can cause blasts. 

There are many possible reasons for a sewer smell to crawl through your space. Please do not ignore it. There may be leaks from rotten pipes, a clogged drain, loose-fitting pipes, a stopped-up vent, a dry trap or even an old toilet wax ring.

Plumbing fixtures usually have no smell. Their connecting systems are also made to be odorless. Sometimes, however, problems occur, and you will be inundated with a horrid smell. Worry not. Before calling a place such as Simple Solutions LLC or a plumber, we can give you a DIY solution.

How to Remove Sewer Smell Using Home Products?

All steps in this tutorial are essential, so don’t skip any of them. If you still need professional help after this, call a company such as Simple Solutions LLC to eliminate your problem. But first, try it the old-fashioned way. 

First, use baking soda by pouring ¼ cup into the drain. Then, add one cup of vinegar. Make sure to keep the bathroom door shut tight and wait for two hours. Then slowly pour a gallon of hot water into the drain. After 15 minutes, turn on the cold water for ten minutes. Pour 1/2 cup chlorine down the drain. Wait for another two hours. Remember to keep the bathroom door closed tight. Then, rinse with another gallon of hot water poured slowly. Run cool water for ten minutes. There should be a lot of water in the U curve of the P-trap. The last step is to pour four ounces of mineral oil or plain cooking oil down the drain.

There are other methods to try and make the sewer smell escape. All of them use products found in the home. Many sites online have DIY tips on how to remove sewer smells. Sometimes before the plumber comes over, companies first ask if you have tried any of these DIY methods. Why? If a plumber comes over and the repair to be done is minimal, you would have wasted a lot of time and money.

Often, the smell is leaking via small cracks that are easily fixed. However, sometimes you cannot pinpoint the exact smell. In this case, you can call professionals to help you.

Companies like Simple Solutions LLC can help in removing the smell of sewer gas on all types of property. Like other companies that do sewer smell elimination, they are knowledgeable in controlling sewer odors. They also use the likes of activated carbon filters to save you from that noxious smell. Their vent filters use a patented disc system, enabling the activated carbon to be held in place. However, unlike other companies that use a mesh bag, Simple Solutions offers this patented method to reduce sewer smells easily. They also offer something called the inline septic vent filter to lessen and eliminate odors. This is used in a cold climate, which often freezes mesh bags. Try them or one of the other sewer odor elimination companies you can find online today.

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