How to Start Egg Business in Nigeria in 2024

Egg supply business is certainly one of the fastest ways to get make money in the poultry business. You can completely rely on this business to take care of your bills. Many Nigerians who are engaged in this business can testify that this business rakes in a substantial amount of money to their bank account.

Due to the high demand for eggs, you’re sure to make a huge profit from egg business in Nigeria if you choose to take action after reading this step-by-step guide.

Not Capital Intensive

There’s no business that doesn’t require capital. No matter what the business is, there’s always a minimum capital and Egg business isn’t an exception. But one thing that I love about the egg business in Nigeria is that it’s not capital-intensive. It’s a business you can start with little capital and grow. You can start with small capital or huge funds defending if you want to distributors to retailers or the final consumers.

With just N105,000 You can buy as many as 50 crates of eggs. So imagine buying a crate of eggs for N2100 or less from a farm and you sell for as high as N2300 to 2400 per crate, you can quickly do the math to see how much you’ll make from more than 100 crates. If you can sell 1000 crates weekly, you’ll be making nothing less than N1,500,000. That’s cool cash, right?

Get a Business Vehicle

Although getting a vehicle isn’t necessary it will save you lots of stress. Many Nigerians who are just starting this business use wheelbarrows for this business. But this method will limit your movement. Getting a vehicle will help you cover more areas than the former option. The cost of purchasing a vehicle constitutes almost 85% of your total capital. Then maybe, 5% can be used for fueling purposes. As the business grows, you can begin to service your vehicle periodically to avoid breakdown.

Find Your Target Market

Getting eggs from farms isn’t a big deal, but getting the right customers to supply should be what you should consider. Your target area should be an environment that is densely populated. It could be marketed anywhere that favours your business. Once you know where to supply and have contacts of one or two customers, you’ll only need to go to that area to distribute the eggs.

Also, to start buying and selling eggs, you should connect with one or two farmers who are going to be your constant supplier of eggs. you can register with any farm of your choice and be consistent in your sales.

Other Important Working Tools

The most important tool needed for egg supply business is empty crates. The crates can be of a paper type or plastic type. You can buy 1000 pieces of crates for N7000 if you choose to buy the paper crates and the number of crates needed for your business depends on you. It is advisable to buy paper crates as it protects the eggs from unusual cracks and it is cheaper. However, it gets damaged faster than the plastic type.

Estimated Profit in Eggs Supply Business

In this huge goldmine, you are certainly your own boss and you decide the profit you want to make in a week or in a month. Depending on the size of eggs you choose to buy, you’ll gain roughly N200 on a crate of egg if you choose to be a wholesale seller but if you choose to be a retail dealer, you can be making as much as N700 on a crate of eggs. If you choose to sell 200 crates weekly, you’ll be making N50,000 weekly and N150,000 monthly.

If you set a target to sell 1000 crates weekly, it means you’ll make a profit of N200 x 1000 crates = N200,000 weekly, and multiplying this by 4 gives you N800,000 monthly. If you deduct all your expenses for the month, you’ll still have a substantial amount in your bank account.

Buying and selling eggs might look like a dirty and odd business but if you look at the profitability of the business, you’ll reconsider your steps. You can start small and later on move to a large-scale egg supply business.

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14 thoughts on “How to Start Egg Business in Nigeria in 2024”

  1. Wonderful write up. straight to the point and very precise. Can you Link starters to farms that can be consistent in supply?

  2. Adetoye Temitope

    Pls am in Ibadan,Oyo state,can you plz link me up with any farm here. My contact,09082349163

  3. Adesola Durowaye

    Good afternoon my registered business name is LOLAJUMS (R) 659608. I Reside in Lagos sub urban areas ijaye ojokoro to be precise. Can you link me up please I want to start egg business in very large quantities. Thanks

  4. Henry Sky

    Good day, pls I have a poultry here in Abuja,but the problem am having is buyers,pls help me out in what to do, 08068199990

  5. Looking for Farms around kogi state please,can you help me out?thanks

  6. Christy

    I am glad I landed on your page in my usual information sourcing.

    Thank you so much, Utibe. You kept this simple and straight to the point. I like that!

    Ok. I am looking for reliable farms in Calabar, can you possibly help me out?

    I will truly appreciate this.

    Christy E.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m in Lagos.

      Let check for farmers around Calabar. I will publish the list later.

  7. Oluwasesan

    Am really delight with your simple and straight to the point

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