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How to Start a Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria and Make Money

Pig farming which is also known as piggery is a lucrative aspect of farming in Nigeria that can pull cash to your bank account on a daily basis. If you’re into pig farming, you can attest to the fact of never lacking money again. The primary reason why you’ll make money from this business is due to the high demand of pork meat in Nigeria and the meat sells fast in the market. Another reason to consider this business is that pigs reproduce in large numbers and grow super-fast.

Just one pig can give birth to as much as 12 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing farm animal in the world. Piglets are also called shoat or farrow. A male pig is also known as Boar while the female is a sow. A group of pigs is called a herd or drove.

Despite the huge ROI in pig farming, a lot of Nigerians are still ignorant and adamant about this billion-dollar business. While some still doubt the profitability of this business, the few Nigerians who are in the business can tell you that this is the right business to start and smile to the bank daily.

As a pig farmer, you can sell a fully grown pig for as high as N35,000 depending on the weight. Now, imagine if you can rear at least a 100 pigs to maturity, you’ll be making nothing less than N3.5 Million from the sales. If you can rear like 2000 pigs a year, you will be making roughly N60 Million. Considering how fast pigs reproduce, it won’t be hard to rear 100 pigs in a year. The question now is, how do you go about setting up this business? Below are some useful guides.


Get a Farmland for Breeding

If you are a newbie to pig farming, then a plot of land wouldn’t be bad for a start. For large scale pig farming, a big farmland will be worthwhile because it will enable the pigs to graze in the open and then retire to the pen where they’ll continue feeding and playing. In pig farming business, the land is your primary investment. Once you can secure a pig farmland, you’re halfway near a successful business empire.

Getting a farmland in rural areas can save you lots of money. One acre of land in a rural area should be roughly N300,000. It’s best you do in-depth research regarding getting a farmland for this business. Once the land is set, you can be transporting your goods to nearby town. Sometimes, butchers may even come to your farm to buy, thus saving you cost for transportation.

Getting a large farmland favors the growth of pigs because the pigs will be able to graze around and also exercise their bodies by playing.

Build Modern Pens

Setting up a big pen is necessary if you don’t want the pigs to injure themselves. A well-equipped and spacious pen can save you lots of money which would have been spent on treating diseases. A proper drainage system is essential to avoid stagnation of water around the pen which could attract disease vectors.

To prevent your pigs from getting dirty, building a water pool water pool where they’ll play, swim and cool themselves will be necessary. This concept is essential for their wellbeing.

Buy Healthy Pigs

Doing a proper research on pigs can as well save you lots of cash. When you buy piglets with untraceable history, you’ll lose a lot of money. You should consider buying piglets with a history of vaccination.

It is advisable to start with a small number of piglets and then increase gradually. This way you’ll be able to learn the nook and cranny of pig farming business and eventually, your risk will be minimal.

You’ll also the need the services of a vet doctor for regular checkup and vaccination as well as proper feeding and nutrition practices.

Employ Workers

If you’re starting a small scale pig farming business, you can employ at least 4-5 persons to help you out in cleaning the pigs and pens as well as feeding them on a regular basis.

Proper Feeding

Proper feeding is essential for the growth and development of pigs. Healthy feeding implies good sales. If you don’t properly feed your pigs, your pig farming business is bound to fail. Pigs need foods containing a high amount of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and minerals to grow properly. The sole aim of feeding pigs is to make them market ready, so feeding should be properly done.

Pigs like other farm animals need a constant supply of fresh water. We all know the behavior of pigs and we must ensure that their water is changed regularly. Galvanized troughs are easy to clean and should be part of your pig farming budget. Whatever promotes cleanliness and healthy living to your pigs should be properly carried out.

In summary, pig farming is one sure way of becoming a millionaire in Nigeria. When you employ these guides in your pig farming business, success wouldn’t be far from you. Do the needful and your bank alert will be “Kpakam”

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