How to Write Creative Essays in School - 5 Effective Tools for Students

How to Write Creative Essays in School – 5 Effective Tools for Students

Essay writing is not as easy as it sounds. This is why it is important that you read the tips that can help you write creative essays. 

The quality of a creative essay depends on the ideas of the writer drafting it. 

Some people are more creative than others, so one cannot expect everyone to create the best quality content. 

However, being less creative doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to write poor essays in school. 

Students who can afford it can surely get help from the best essay writing services, but for those who want to do their own work, there are some important tips that you need to take into consideration before you write an essay. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the most important tips that would help you create good-quality drafts. 

You are also going to find details about the five effective tools for students later in this blog.

Tried and Tested Tips to Write a Creative Essay in School

Follow these tips if you want to create quality essays for your assignments.

  • Plan Before You Start Writing

First, you have to plan what you are going to write. When you have to write a creative essay, you have to brainstorm and collect the best ideas. 

You have to plan the draft properly before writing it. 

You have to create a full structure that would define the introduction, essay body, and conclusion.

  • Do Solid Research On the Selected Topic

When you have selected a topic or idea for writing content, it is important that you do proper research. 

You need to collect and note all the points that you have to cover in the essay. 

During the research stage, you can use an online notepad to collect all the key points and important information regarding the topic.

  • State Complete Details and Focus On Flow 

When you start writing the essay, you have to make sure that you discuss every point you have collected in detail. 

Being detailed in your writing would help readers understand the main idea in a better way. 

When writing an in-depth essay, you have to make sure that you focus on the flow. Every point should be discussed in the right order. 

The essay should feel naturally written and should have a conversational tone.

  • Write Introduction & Conclusion at The End

An essay consists of three important parts. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

It is best that you write the introduction and conclusion passages after writing the essay body. This is because it would help you write these two parts better. 

You can introduce the points that you have already discussed in the body, and you can also create a satisfying conclusion to the topic statement.

  • Always Be Brutal with Proofreading & Editing

 When you are writing a creative essay, it is important that you check it for all kinds of errors before submitting it to your teacher. 

You need to be brutal with the proofreading process, as there is no room for errors in essay writing. 

You can ask another person to read the essay for you, as there is always a chance of missing minor mistakes. 

You can also use the online free grammar checker tool for accurate checking.

Five Effective Writing Tools for Students that are Helpful!

Here we have mentioned some of the top-rated tools that can help students in writing the best essays:

  1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a popular content editing and proofreading tool with more than an app. 

When you are writing an essay, you can use this tool. It can check your work for all kinds of human errors and plagiarism. 

You just have to set the preferences to academic writing and start scanning content. 

You can check a complete essay in less than two to three minutes with this tool.

2. is a very reliable and easy-to-use tool that can help students rewrite content. 

If you have found so many human errors in your essay along with plagiarism, then it is best that you rephrase it with this tool. 

This online paraphraser can rewrite your essay in a unique and simple manner. 

You can easily create good-quality and original essays with the help of this rephraser in less than five minutes.

3. Word Counter is another online tool that is important for students who want to draft creative essays while maintaining the word count limit. 

An important thing that students should know is that in essay writing, there is always a word limit. 

If you write beyond that limit, then your work will not be checked; moreover, if your word count is less than the required limit, then it is going to result in a reduction of marks. 

To keep track of your word count, you need to use this free word counter.

4. Citation Machine

Citation machine is another online tool that is needed by students. This tool helps in creating citations for the references that have been used in the essay.

 An important thing that students should know is that giving credit to the authors and sources from where they have collected information is essential. 

If you use information from other sources without proper attributes, then your work is going to be rejected.

5. MS Word 

Microsoft Word is a very reliable tool that can assist students in writing. This word processor is one of the oldest utilities being used for the purpose of content writing. 

Users can find hundreds of editing and formatting options on MS Word, which can assist in creating an appealing essay. 

One can easily set the structure and add headings, subheadings, and points in the essay with the help of Word.


Creative essay writing is no doubt difficult, but you can easily create good-quality essays by following the tips and using the tools that we have discussed in this post. 

In the past, essay writing was a time-consuming task, but thanks to online tools like, you can easily create a unique essay in less than minutes. 

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