Is Your Adwords Campaign Bringing You the Results You Want? Here Are 3 Signs to Tell

In 2020, there is no way around using a solid digital marketing strategy to boost a business. Chief among the methods of promoting a business online is using Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads. With the popularity of Google’s search engine and the complex analytics they offer, it is easy to see why it is so important.

Many excellent business owners are not well-versed in digital marketing practices and may seek professional help at Before reaching out to professional Google Ads experts, it could help for business owners to know how to gauge the performance of their ad campaign. Below are the three best methods to tell whether their ad campaign is working.

Does the Ad Campaign Use the Entire Budget?

The first step to planning any ad campaign is deciding on a budget and how much of the budget is being used. If the entire budget is being spent, then it is an excellent sign that the ad campaign is designed well and works effectively. If it is not, there are a few things that business owners should ask themselves.

First, how realistic is the ad campaign’s budget? If the search volume for the business’s market is low, a high budget might not be realistic. Other considerations would be how large the area being targeted is, what the ad schedule is, how open the search term match type is, and how many keywords are being targeted in the ad.

Business owners may want to expand the reach of their ad campaign on multiple levels to improve their results. Ideally, they should spend their entire ad campaign budget within two weeks of the campaign’s launch.

What is the Click-Through Rate?

The click-through rate (CTR) is the number of times an ad is clicked compared to the number of people to whom the ad is shown, or impressions. The standard benchmark for an ad campaign’s CTR is 1%, but many well-designed ad campaigns will get more than that. If the business owner does not see a 1% CTR within two weeks, it is likely that their ad campaign is not getting the results they want.

Where are the Ads Showing Up?

One of the brilliant tools offered by Google Ads is the search terms report, which will tell the business owner what search terms are used when people are shown and click on the business’s ads. It is critical to understand what “search terms” are when setting up an ad campaign, as these are the terms for which business owners will pay to have their ads show up.

For example, a restaurant in Boston will want to pay to have their ads show up on search terms relevant to their goals and the ones most likely to be used by their target market. Here, they may use terms like “restaurants in Boston” or “best places to eat in Boston.” Showing up in relevant searches is critical to the success of a Google Ads campaign.

The Bottom Line Google Ads campaigns are an invaluable marketing tool in the digital age. No business wants to waste money on ineffective marketing. Using the tips above, business owners will understand how well their ad campaign is working and adjust it for better results, if need be.

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