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From big corporations like Coca-Cola to a local candy shop, marketing is essential to a business’s success. Marketing can be anything from a billboard sign to an ad in a newspaper, but with modern communication and technology comes new modern advertisements. The process by which businesses do this can vary from platform to platform, but can oftentimes be over complicated and unsuccessful if executed unsuccessfully.

Facebook Ads, an advertising program held through Facebook, allows businesses to easily connect to an ideal customer base while keeping the business’s budget, product, and brand in mind. Starting out, Facebook Ads might seem complex and overwhelming, but in reality, it is easy to learn once you understand the basics.

While some people are afraid of Facebook advertising and other social media ads, yet these online advertisements are among the finest methods to spread the word about your company and how you plan to provide value.

There are some social media statistics you need to know in 2022 as they will really open your eyes to advertisement opportunities. For instance, according to the most recent social media data, there are 4.45 billion social media users globally as of October 2021 – a figure that is expected to rise dramatically in 2022. Just think, this is a huge number of people to advertise to, influence, and communicate with.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a tool used through Facebook to help achieve the goals of businesses, whether that be to increase their website foot traffic or to sell a particular product. They achieve these objectives by gathering information from the business, setting a goal, setting a budget, and gathering data about their target audience.

Several companies have had success using Facebook video ad creators to create awesome Facebook ads, ranging in size, products or services, and location. Regardless, by gathering the necessary data, successful ads can be created in order to carry out the tasks at hand. The accomplishments of Facebook Ads have everything to do with how these companies’ advertisements are shown to the right people in an effective way.

How Do Companies Use Facebook Ads?

Companies can start out using Facebook Ads by creating a Facebook Business Manager Account. Afterward, they can begin determining what they want to get out of their advertising campaign. This can be done by choosing an objective like “Raising Brand Awareness” or “Increasing Facebook Page Likes.” The goal they choose can help determine the tactics used in the campaign moving forward.

Next, the company will choose the type of audience they want to reach. This can include demographics like location, age, or gender. Businesses can also target customers with certain behaviors or interests that previous customers may have had. Then, a budget needs to be set and a schedule should be organized to determine when the ads will populate.

Lastly, after all the details are ironed out, the ad can be designed. All Facebook Ads are designed through Facebook by choosing appropriate text or images to attract a customer’s attention. Whatever content is advertised should be relevant to the company’s goal while staying within the advertising policies of Facebook Ads.

Let’s use an example, like a local shoe store. A local business would generally have a smaller budget than a large corporation, but it is important to stick to a reasonable budget that allows the company to achieve their goal. Depending on the products sold, the shoe store could vary its goal, audience, and overall marketing campaign. For instance, if the shoe store wanted to increase the sales of its toddler shoes only, it would probably target people with ages that ranged around the average parent’s age, and, if the store had a physical location, then it would include that location in the required demographics of its ideal customers.

If the campaign goal was to increase the sale of women’s shoes only, it would narrow down the demographic to advertise only to women and include an age range of the average shopping age for women.

That isn’t to say customers outside of this demographic could potentially buy these products, but it is important for the campaign to narrow down the audience as much as possible through surveys or researching information. While it might seem ideal to target a large audience and have broad demographics, it can be costly and ineffective. By narrowing down a customer base, businesses can save money and accurately target those who would be more likely to purchase their product or achieve their goal.

It is to be expected that the creation of an advertising campaign can be trial and error. During this process, it can be helpful to have a digital marketing consultant as they can help narrow down the company’s goals and refine their marketing tactics. They can also offer a much-needed outside point of view, answer questions, and help narrow down who a company should be marketing towards.

As previously stated, discovering a customer base can be a long and complex process, especially if a company is unsure of how to collect information on its customers. In such a situation, getting assistance from a professional could be a good idea.

How Are Ads Formatted?

Facebook ads can be formatted in various ways. The flexibility of their advertising is largely due to the wide range in content displayed to adequately market for their company’s goals and preferences. The main ways companies can market include photo-only ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads. While on the surface, the formatting of advertisements may not seem super important, they each have their own success rates that depend entirely on the company’s goal.

In a circumstance where a company wants to increase brand awareness, any of those formats might work. However, if a company specifically wants to increase engagement with its customers, it seems that the carousel and collection features are less effective than the photo-only and video features.

The marketing tactic should depend on what the company wants to achieve by using Facebook Ads. Each campaign can include several ads of varying designs and can be marketed to different audiences at different times. This will test ads against one another to see which is most effective in getting engagements and allows the company to adjust the campaigns accordingly.


Facebook Ads can be an intimidating tool to use for the first time, but with the right knowledge and experience, it can just as easily become a powerful weapon used to achieve goals and help companies succeed. Regardless of the goals a company has in mind, Facebook Ads can be catered to any customer base, product, or budget. Its flexibility allows for creative license and facilitates the success of many corporations and small businesses alike.

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