OpenAI Residency Program for Researchers and Engineers ($210k Salary)

Our 6-month program is a bridge for brilliant technical researchers from diverse fields to transition into AI.

OpenAI Residency is designed to help bridge the knowledge gap for exceptional researchers and engineers in other fields to gain the critical skills and knowledge to transition their careers into the AI & ML space.

As a Resident, you’ll be embedded within our Research teams working on real, cutting-edge AI problems under the guidance of an OpenAI Researcher. Residents are expected to ramp up over the six month program to become full time contributors.

Who We Are Looking for?

We look for candidates with excellent track records and high potential, coming from both inside and outside of traditional education and work settings. OpenAI has long been home to many self-taught researchers and engineers. If you have an unconventional educational background, we encourage you to apply. It is important that this program is inclusive of the diverse set of skills and backgrounds that reflect the human experience so our work can do the same.

About OpenAI Residency Program Program

The OpenAI Residency is ideal for researchers specializing in fields outside of deep learning like mathematics, physics, or neuroscience. The program can also work well for exceptionally talented software engineers who seek to transition into Research based positions in the field of AI Research.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Have proficiency in programming languages and software development  
  • Strong math background and understanding of linear algebra, calculus, and statistics
  • Have achievements in another field, such as creating a large software system, awards in math/science/programming contests, or authoring highly cited publications
  • Be available to join OpenAI full-time after completing the Residency
  • Have initiated self-study in machine learning fundamentals
  • Motivated to discover AI breakthroughs and their potential benefits to humanity

Compensation, Benefits and Perks

Total compensation also includes generous equity and benefits.

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family
  • Mental health and wellness support
  • 401(k) plan with 4% matching
  • Unlimited time off and 18+ company holidays per year
  • Paid parental leave (20 weeks) and family-planning support
  • Annual learning & development stipend ($1,500 per year)

Annual Salary Range

$210,000—$210,000 USD

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How To Apply

  • Review and interviews will be based on a rolling basis.
  • Candidates will be matched to teams during the interview process. 

Visit OpenAI Residency Program to learn more and start your application

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