Top 10 Domain and Web hosting companies in Nigeria 2024

For serious businesses, using a Nigerian hosting company is not always an advisable route due to unreliability. However, it still doesn’t dispute the fact that some hosting companies have stood out. There are numerous domains and web hosting companies in Nigeria, and what you need to choose the best is an article like this.

A lot has changed in the Nigerian ICT sector as more and more people get exposed to using the internet. A standard route, which they all take, is often to establish a website. In that case, a reputable and reliable hosting company is needed.

If you’re considering using a Nigerian host for your business, here are a few of the impressive ones you wouldn’t regret using. Although 100% satisfaction is not guaranteed, their price is reasonable and affordable. Contact us to help you develop your website and find the best hosting solution for your business. Click here to check our packages out.

1. Betahost247

Betahost247 might not be the best hosting company out there, but they are consistently trying to grow and serve their customers better. One thing which sets Betahost247 aside from numerous hosting companies in Nigeria is their impressive customer support. They also have a WhatsApp group, making it easier for customers to find solutions and the latest developments quickly.

Their website design is impressive, friendly, and provides an excellent user experience. However, the current design is somewhat whacky. Nevertheless, hosting your domain is fast and almost instantaneous. The propagation period is virtually instant, taking them ahead of their competitors.

2. DomainRacer

DomainRacer is the top name when it comes to domain and web hosting providers. It is one of the best cost-effective domain registrars and web hosting companies in the hosting field.

DomainRacer deals with shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated server, and LMS hosting, as well as application hosting. It offers 4 different types of low-cost hosting plans, namely Basic, Personal, Silver, and Advanced. They provide all types of domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .in, .xyz, .it, .uk,, .tv, .de, etc. with Advanced Web Hosting Plan, customers get free domain names (.com & .in).

Things to consider:

* Fly With 21x Speed: LiteSpeed Cache Technology
* Unlimited Data Transfer Rate
* Free Domain Name (.Com
* All TLDs Are Extremely Affordable
* Free Lifetime Domain Privacy
* Guaranteed 99.99% Server Operational Time
* Free Let Encrypt SSL Certificates
* Free Premium SeoDefault Tool
* User-Friendly 24/7 Service: Call, Ticketing, Social Media, Live Chat, Email
* Free Security Factors: ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, and DDoS Protection.

Check DomainRacer Web Hosting Plans

DomainRacer offers affordable web hosting and domain name with support of a 1.49 ms fast loading page, free security, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast activation, 99.99% uptime, unlimited SSD storage space, LiteSpeed cache technology, HTTP3 & QUIC protocols, simple to find a domain name, excellent support services, etc. DomainRacer’s high-security features against all attacks, some of which are listed here: ImunifyAV+/Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS protection, email spam protection, magic spam protection, and firewall.

There are a few companies that provide location-based hosting, DomainRacer is one of the companies that offers multi-server locations (in India, the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Singapore, and Canada) all over the world. That allows users to select server locations according to their requirements.

3. Whogohost

When it comes to one of the most popular and renowned web hosting companies in Nigeria, Whogohost is undoubtedly the one. This company is a household name for bloggers in the fashion, food, and entertainment niches. Whogohost is believed to be one of the pioneers of web hosting in Nigeria, and its impressive services attest to that fact.

Registering your domain and getting a hosting plan is super easy and fast, and you’re assured of minimal downtime. This web hosting company has a good management panel, coupled with an affiliate programme that allows their customers to make extra funds.

4. Web4Africa

At the top of the list of hosting companies in Nigeria, you’ll undoubtedly see Web4Africa, all thanks to their continuous and impressive customer service. They accept paymentdebitNaira, Debit cards, and even direct deposits.

Web4Africa is one of Nigeria’s best hosting companies, making them ideal for domain name registration and hosting services. Since they are Nira accredited, they can register.NG top-level domain name, which is a feature that only a few hosting companies offer.

5. Qservers 

No doubt, many Nigerian web admins are pretty familiar with this hosting company, and they are inarguably the best. They offer shared hosting services, but there is also eCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

Whatever your business needs, this hosting company has got you covered. What makes this hosting company affordable is their affordable pricing, which is broken down to #500 a month. Qservers is undoubtedly one of the best companies in Nigeria, with excellent customer support.

6. DomainKing

DomainKing is another sophisticated domain and web hosting company in Nigeria, operating in over four countries. Also, they are accredited with over 16 Asian, African, and even global registries. It means you can register—NG top-level domain. 

Their core services include domain name registration, web hosting services, web design, and WordPress hosting services. Registration and payment are easy and fast, and you don’t have to worry about your domain taking forever to propagate.

7. Giglayer

Here is another top hosting company in Nigeria, previously known as HUBB. Just like other hosting companies on this list, their pricing is reasonable and affordable too. With a small fee, you can enjoy this great web hosting company for a year, or even more if you wish.

Also, this company offers a free SSL certificate, which shows how secure your website is for your visitors. Without an SSL certificate, even Google might have a hard time trusting your business. Giglayer knows about this, which is why they offer a free SSL certificate, even when their competitors sell theirs for a price.

8. Smartweb

You probably didn’t know, but Smartweb is not new to the hosting world. The company has been in existence since 2004. They aim to give people an affordable means to get their ideas online. They are a registered company, both in the US and Nigeria. If you wish to visit their office, there are numerous of them all around Lagos, Nigeria, the USA, and Cincinnati. 

They offer services such as web hosting services, Linus Web Hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. Registration is fast and smooth, all thanks to their impressive website interface.

9. Hostnownow

This web hosting company has been in the marketplace for a while, and they pride themselves on being affordable. You can get a one-month hosting service for just #500, which is small compared to their competitors’ ridiculous prices.

They also offer other services such as cloud hosting and reseller hosting. Registration is fast, easy, and smooth. Even for senior citizens, using this web hosting company is pretty straightforward. You don’t ever have to worry about hitting a roadblock.

10. Syskay

Skyskay is known as Nigeria’s oldest hosting company, with incredible experience in the hosting industry. The quality of their services always stands out, compared to numerous of their headstrong competitors.

Unlike some hosting companies that take ages to even respond to a ticket, customer support is impressive. If you want excellent service from a Nigerian hosting company, you probably should go for SkySkay.


11. Registeram

By the domain name, you already know that this hosting company is at the very core of Nigeria. They are both ICANN and Nira accredited and have been in the hosting services for so many years.

As a company with years of experience, and a track record of success, they become an ideal option. You don’t need to take our words for it, as the positive reviews left by customers are proof of that assertion.


There are numerous domain and web hosting companies in Nigeria, and some of them can send your business to the grave. That is because the majority of these hosting companies are grossly incompetent and unresponsible. However, the ones mentioned in this article have spent years proving to us that they’ve got what it takes.

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