However, your dream of success will only be a fairytale without imploring diverse ways to promote your small business in Nigeria.

10 Ways to Promote Your Small Business in Nigeria

Starting a business is thrilling, especially if you’ve been dreaming of being self-reliant. However, your dream of success will only be a fairytale without imploring diverse ways to promote your small business in Nigeria.

If you’re still new in the marketplace, it makes sense that you will need a way to market your goods and services amid intense competition. Here are some tips and methods that you can utilize to give your business an advantage and exposure.

1. A Business Website

Ensuring that your business domain name is registered should be one of the first things in businesses. That is because your website is your online presence and the first go-to place for potential customers.  Through your website, you can expose your brand and its mission statement.

Building a website doesn’t have to cost you a hand and a leg. Even if you have no coding experience, you can hire a developer or a web design agency. By having a website, you will show up on search engines like Google when a potential customer browses about your business. not having a website is a marketing mistake you should never make.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is where the party is, and you can gain a lot of reach just by running ads on social media. You don’t need to be a professional digital marketer to run a business ad on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In most cases, the charges are low compared to the return of investment.

But if you need someone with a more professional touch, working with a digital marketing agency is always ideal. Incorporating something like a social media button into your blog post is another way to harness social media.

3. Business cards

Another incredible way you can implore to promote your small business in Nigeria is by creating flyers. That way, you can always hand it over to potential customers in some networking events. All you need is a graphic designer who would put together something sleek and straightforward.

Ensure that your business name, address, and contacts are boldly written. A business card could be the ticket you need to sell your products and services to target market.

4. Referral Program

Sometimes, you might discover that traditional ads no longer pull in the desired result. That is because people are more likely to take action on recommendations from family and friends or their close circle. It has made referral programs an incredible avenue to promote your small business in Nigeria.

You can use lots of fascinating referral software; ensure you read the reviews before adopting any into your marketing strategy.

5. Email Marketing

When a business sets up its website, one of the first things to do is integrate an email newsletter. When you build an email list of people that care about your brand, marketing to them becomes easy. A way to make this possible is to use some email newsletter plugins, like Mailchimp. With a pop-up that isn’t too intrusive, you will get many actions via email marketing.

However, what determines if your email marketing campaigns will yield results depends on your technique. Personalized emails tend to perform better compared to ones that look very generic. Please take a look at best-performing emails, and keep tweaking your email copies until you hit the jackpot.

6. PPC Marketing

Another incredible route to advertising your business out there is PPC marketing. Though it involves spending a few bucks, it is always worth it. The biggest advertising company is undoubtedly Google, and running a Google AdWords campaign is one way to promote your small business in Nigeria.

As the name goes, PPC means pay per click. What that means is that you only get to pay when someone clicks on your ad. When you optimize your ad to the right audience, you will see great returns of investment.

7. Join Forums

If you must expose your business to the right audience, you should consider utilizing some forums to your advantage. Giant forums such as Nairaland, warrior forums, and Quora are great places to begin. However, ensure you don’t spam but rather add value while promoting your business through your signature.

When you play the ball well, you will appeal to your potential customers who would likely visit your website to find out more about your business. Through forums, you can market your small business without paying a dime.

8. Organize shows and events

To expose your business to a broader audience and consequently promote your brand, you have to organize shows and events. A brand like MerryBet is doing impressively in that regard through its annual soccer events.

If you follow a similar route and organize shows and events centered on your business, you will be promoting word-of-mouth marketing. And mind you, nothing beats word of mouth as that is one of the most efficient marketing strategies.

9. Google My Business

Google My Business is another attractive way to market your small business in Nigeria. The good part is, it is free to use. With a Google account, you can open a Google My Business page, which gives you visibility on search engines when someone searches about your business or its related services.

Usually, when you register, you will be sent a PIN through your nearest post office. Google uses the PIN to confirm that the business is real and belongs to you. With Google My Business, the possibilities abound when it comes to reaching new customers.

10. Positive Reviews

Most of the time, what customers need to place an order is reviews from other customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the marketplace. Once you have a good product and a positive review by another customer, that alone makes it likely for a potential customer to purchase.

Numerous online consumers have confirmed that reviews are one of the driving factors that influence their buying behavior. By displaying reviews on your website, you compel your visitors to take action on your offers.


If your small business must succeed in Nigeria, marketing is an aspect you should never neglect. A business without a marketing strategy is like a seller who intentionally makes his goods unavailable for customers. When you have all your marketing mechanisms in place, making more sales and doubling your customer base becomes a feasible feat.

Which of the marketing strategies are you going to first implement in your business? Remember, your business success lies in how well you’re able to expose your small business to your potential customers.

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