5 Practical Tips on How to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Online Food Ordering Platform for Sales

Smart restaurant owners are going digital. This means they have websites allowing customers to browse their menus, they may allow customers to order online, and they may even have an app for their restaurants. The following are five practical tips for optimizing online ordering and increasing food sales.

One: Offer a Detailed Online Menu

When customers visit a restaurant’s website or use a restaurant app, they want to know all about the food offered. This is where help from DataDreamers comes in handy. Customers do not just want to know the name of the food item, they want a thorough description of the food items, the pricing, and be able to customize their order.

If a restaurant can have the nutritional value of the food on the website or app, this is even better. Many people also want to know about any allergens that may be included in the dish. If customers can get all of the information they need online without calling the restaurant, this is great.

Two: Use Technology to Track Orders

A restaurant owner needs to know how long it is taking food from their establishment to be delivered. This can be possible if you use a dedicated takeaway website system that helps you improve processes like tracking, delivery, and customer feedback. Streamline the entire process by tracking the location of the order and seeing how long it took for the food to arrive at the customer’s location.

Many apps now allow the customer to track their food and see how close the order is to their house. You also may wish to have things like address correction tools in place to make sure that the food will definitely be going to the right place – some devices are not the easiest to type on, meaning mistakes can happen, so having something in place to help correct mistakes could prove very useful indeed.

Three: Offer Great Customer Service

If the app is stellar, but the customer service stinks, many people will not order from the restaurant again. Ensure that all employees and delivery drivers are offering out-of-this-world customer service to go along with that amazingly optimized restaurant website or app. How does one offer good customer service on a digital order?

·        Make sure that food arrives on time.

·        Ensure the food is hot on arrival by packing it in materials designed to hold in heat.

·        Ensure that food arrives safely by packing it well.

·        Make sure that condiments, napkins, sauces, and silverware are included with every order.

Four: Use Technology to Outsource the Delivery

There are many companies out there offering food delivery. A restaurant owner can save on staffing costs by partnering with one or multiple food delivery companies. The restaurant prepares the food and packages the order, and a third party handles the delivery services.

Five: Offer Sales and Discounts

A great way to have customers return to the site and order again is to capture their information during the ordering process. The information the customer enters in the app or the website can later be used for marketing. Letting customers know about sales and specials using the email they previously provided at checkout can bring in repeat orders.

Customers love getting deals and saving money, and if they are alerted there is a special, they are likely to jump on it. If the app or website allows customers to enter special coupon codes, this can be another avenue to bring in sales. If there is a special customer-only coupon code, many people are likely to place an order because they have the code and want a deal.

The five above tips are great for restaurants trying to go digital. This will optimize sales and improve customer happiness. People who prefer online ordering will have the ability to do so, and the restaurant owner can save money as they will not have to pay staff to take orders or make the delivery.

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