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Anzisha Prize Fellowship Program 2024 for Young African Entrepreneurs $200,000 Prize)

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The Anzisha Prize gives out over USD $200,000 annually in business support and prize money to very young entrepreneurs from all over the continent, making it Africa’s largest award for its youngest entrepreneurs (15 to 22 years old).

Over 200 Very Young Entrepreneurs have been promoted and supported by the Anzisha Prize across the African continent. We hope you filed your application for the 2023 cycle if you are a young African entrepreneur working to expand a small business or if you’ve produced something that earns money for you and your friends. Become an example for other young entrepreneurs and motivate them to improve their communities and all of Africa. By submitting an application for the Anzisha Prize, you have a chance to earn a share of grand cash prizes totaling more than $50,000 as well as support for your company’s operations. We want to recognise your ability to boost the economy of your nation and generate employment because you hold the key to Africa’s future.

For more than ten years, the Anzisha Prize has supported and promoted very young entrepreneurs with its venture-building fellowship programme.

The three-year fellowship programme honours and promotes entrepreneurial progress. The programme will monitor the progress of the company and the entrepreneur over the course of three years.

Businesses are recognised for their exceptional growth and initiative with perks and services including short courses, cloud services, and cash stipends. Entrepreneurs will present their companies and achievements at the end of the second year for the possibility of earning a portion of awards worth $50,000.

The Grand Prizes are split into 4 categories

  • The Job Creation Prize
  • Revenue Growth Prize
  • Storytelling Prize
  • Integrating Systems and Processes Prize

The fellows will graduate after their three-year fellowship is over and join the Anzisha Prize alumni network. We welcome your application if you are a young African entrepreneur working to expand a small company or if you have made something that earns money for you and your friends.

Conditions for Eligibility

  • You must be between the ages of 15 and 22 and have an ID or passport to use as proof. No one born on or after September 1, 2001, or before August 31, 2008, will be taken into consideration.
  • You must be an African national operating a company in Africa with African clients or beneficiaries.
  • The Anzisha Prize is not given out for brilliant business concepts or plans; instead, you must have already begun and be able to demonstrate it. Before submissions are accepted, get started right away and make sure you have concrete outcomes to present.
  • Any industry or field (civil society, the arts and sciences, sports, etc.) can host your company, idea, or social project. All business endeavours are encouraged to apply.
  • One of the founding members of a firm (for instance, two or three co-founders who started the initiative together) is required for applicants.

Judging Standards

Your company or project will be assessed against the following 5 standards in order to be chosen as one of our Anzisha ventures:

  • Is your business well-established with clients and beneficiaries, and do you provide them with value?
  • Are you, the founder, in charge of overseeing and running your business?
  • Has your business venture already shown some results?
  • Does your endeavour, whether it’s for profit or not, already generate income or have an effect on the beneficiaries? Does support from Anzisha have the potential to expand revenue or beneficiary reach?
  • Has your business produced jobs? Is there room for more high-quality jobs to be created?


  • Throughout the fellowship, qualifying fellows will receive biannual cash stipends.
  • For qualified fellows in Years 2 and 3, there are short-term educational opportunities, internships, and consultations with specialised technical experts.
  • The Year 2 entrepreneur who has generated the most job opportunities since entering the fellowship will receive the Job Creation Prize.
  • The entrepreneur in Year 2 who has had the greatest increase in business revenue since beginning the fellowship will receive the Revenue Growth Prize.
  • The Storytelling Prize is given to a Year 2 entrepreneur who has effectively shared their business narrative through written, oral, and visual storytelling since beginning the fellowship.
  • Integration Systems and Processes Prize: given to the Year 2 entrepreneur who has successfully applied the systems and procedures they have learned throughout the fellowship to advance their business model.


  • Shared Monetary Reward to the value of $140,000 over three years, including cash stipends
  • Learning Campus: Access to a world-renowned Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum and training with the potential for further investment based on engagement and performance. Worth $2000
  • Consulting Service: Paired with a Venture Partner, fellows will receive monthly coaching support that will help them achieve their personal and business goals
  • Skill Development: Live virtual workshops that focus on wellness support, venture-building skills, and personal leadership development.
  • Educational Opportunities: Short-term education opportunities, growing their network through internships with established businesses and technical experts.

Application Deadline: September 7th, 2023

If you are interested in applying for this programme, kindly follow this link to apply: Click here to apply for the Anzisha Prize Fellowship Program

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