GE’DA Digital Bootcamp 2023 for African Social Innovators

GE’DA’ Digital is a 6-months intensive professional leadership development program designed to empower “Social Impact Leaders” who will continue to build, advocate, and advance the Sustainable Development Goals and the AU Agenda 2063 on the African continent.

It offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to improve your community by acquiring new skills and accessing funds to solve issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be the founder or hold an executive position within an organization.
  • Be available to commit to attending all sessions.
  • Applicants must be 21 – 55 years. Younger applicants are welcome if they have a strong application.
  • Must be able to attend the launch and graduation event
  • Applicant and social enterprise organization who are interested and ready to scale up their organization.
  • Must be creating positive, direct, and intended impact aligned to one or more of the SDG’s or AU Agenda 2063 / have a strong desire to.

This Program is For You:–

  1. If you are passionate about Africa and the SDGs–
  2. Work in nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, as well as public sector leaders–
  3. If you supervise staff and/or complex, multi-stakeholder activities–
  4. Seek to develop, hone, and apply management and leadership skills–
  5. If you are committed to your learning and learning with others’ in an inclusive environment–
  6. If you are leading change and you are willing to put in the work–
  7. If you are looking to grow your network and commit to this experience–
  8. If you are ready to improve your skills and make a notable difference in the lives of your demography–
  9. If you want to develop and diversify your leadership pipeline– If you are looking to build your brand visibility –
  10. If you have greatness in you and want to push your limits

Apply now for various monthly opportunities


Deadline for applications is 14th July 2023

Visit GE’DA Digital Bootcamp webpage to learn more and apply

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