nexit/cbn loan business plan

How To Write Business Plan for NEXIT/CBN Loan

If you are part of the N-Power batches A and B beneficiaries and if you are invited for the five days of training that will lead to the collection of the 3 million naira loan

You will be required to write a business plan

Writing a business plan can be overwhelming especially if you are a first timer  but you should not be intimidated because this is something you can do

You need to have a good understanding of your business idea and know your target audience

And also to make it easy for you, there is the need to keep it short

While focusing on the most important aspects of the plan

It is not necessary you write it yourself especially if you have not done this before

There are some online platforms to help you create a business plan

Or you can get an expert to write one for you

Check out the list of our various business plans

You can also chat on whatsapp to order a customized N-Power business plan

Every business plan should cover six essential topics as outlined below:

  • Executive summary
  • Leadership/Executive team
  • Product/Service description
  • Market/Competitive analysis
  • Financials
  • Marketing Plan
  1. Executive Summary – This is short summary of every aspect of your business plan, you can write it last
  2. Leadership Team – A brief description and profile of the management team involve in the running of the business
  3. Product Description – Let your products or service include their description and benefits to customers.
  4. Market and Competitor Analysis – Who are you trying to serve or sell to and who are your competitors?

5. Financials – How much do you need to start and how will you make profits?

6. Marketing Plan – What marketing strategies will deploy in order to inform your customers about your product or service?

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to create a business plan real quick

You can get support on Whatsapp if you need help.

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