Top Up-and-Coming Cities

Do you have a desire for change? Are you considering moving to an up-and-coming city? What are the best cities to move to this year? Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are amazing cities. However, if you want to expand your travel horizons, we highly suggest looking beyond the metropolitan areas.

You don’t want to be in a new city and wonder what more you can do except the conventional free walking tour or touring based on what a map tells you. Perhaps you’ve already done those activities and want to try something new. Discovering new and fascinating ways to get to know a new place may be enjoyable and worthwhile. For example, if you’re a music fan, you may wish to take a look at a site like TicketSmarter to see if there is an upcoming concert you might be interested in and experience a night of live music in a potential new home.

If you are a world traveler who enjoys seeing new places, staying in a new city may be exciting, and it can be much more so if you have a card program like a jet card that allows travelers to enjoy unrivaled luxury, convenience, and security.

A house will likely be your biggest purchase, so figuring out how much you can afford is one of the first major steps in the home-buying process. The good news is that coming up with a smart home budget is pretty straightforward and not too time-consuming, especially with a home affordability calculator. You’ll also need to sell your current property. You could do this with the help of an estate agent, but if you don’t have the time to be able to dedicate to this potentially lengthy process, you might want to look for a company that will enable you to sell my house fast atlanta, or wherever you are, so that you can get moving as quickly as possible once you’ve found your new place. If you’re looking to put down roots, we’ve compiled a list of the top up-and-coming cities.

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is unlike anywhere you’ve been. From the massive snowy mountains of Girdwood to the spiritual village of Eklutna, the nearly 100 languages spoken within the community reflect that Anchorage is a place where people choose to live. Anchorage has been gaining steam in the minds of the crowd-weary, and its vast surroundings call out to the adventurous at heart. Don’t forget your bicycle, because Anchorage has 135 bike paths that run through the city. The median household income is nearly $25,000 above the national rate, and there is no state sales tax or income tax. Anchorage offers unique perks like the Northern Lights, the midnight sun, and access to some of the best seafood and scenery in the country.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is one of the best Midwest cities to live in and is home to many wonderful attractions. The neighborhoods are safe and suitable for raising a family or starting a career. Tulsa offers great live music, the Tulsa Zoo, which is ranked top in the country, Art Deco architecture, and a scenic riverfront.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Just because you’re not on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t choose to live a vacation lifestyle. Myrtle Beach’s population is growing at higher rates than most cities and is unlikely to slow down. The low cost of living, beaches for 60+ miles, employment opportunities, beautiful weather, and southern hospitality are among some of the top reasons people are relocating to South Carolina.

Boise, Idaho

Boise offers charming neighborhoods, safe streets, a booming economy, and a fabulous art scene. The population is growing, and employment options have increased. With wages outpacing national averages, it’s no wonder Boise was named among the best cities for young professionals last year.

Nashville, Tennessee

If considering Nashville, you’ll be settling into a new home that has an exploding craft beer scene, some of the best (and free) live music in the country, and a rapidly growing job market. Whether you prefer city living or are attracted to beautiful suburban communities, you’ll love this city’s eclectic residential options. From premium shopping to flea markets, Nashville offers something for everyone.

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